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I have last years & the year before. This years colors look ghastly except the basic black. I suspect the white will be see thru. passing this year.
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Don’t like the selection of prints at all...only would maybe consider black. 

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I have these from 2018 in navy and blue ikat. I ordered the white this time. I don't like the other colors.


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Love these pants. Two years ago they messed up my order and I did not get the Ikat or painter striped ones. Had to go on a hunt on EBAY later to get the Ikat, but never did track down the striped ones. But, I got a couple others on my order from the Q and fell in love with the fabric and fit. Last year I jumped on them fast and got a couple of the willd prints. Was hoping this year had "quieter small prints" and they are not that, but I order 3 prints and the white just today anyway.. Not taking a chance of them selling out in my size early like they did in the past. I take a Reg. Med and they seem to sell fast. I noticed every year when the models do these that everyone, no matter the size, looks great in them.

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I will order the beach pants in black and had looked forward to a adding a print to my order. The aqua has some promise, but the other prints are not me. Of all the fabric prints, I’m surprised these made the final cut. I think it could be a tough sell for the hosts. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal style.
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Got these for the first time last year. Picked up the ones with leg slit as the TSV and also found the prior year's at reduced price. Tried both, prefer the 2018 model. 


Really bad prints this year but may try the blue ikat and probably another black. Like them just to be comfy around the house.

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I want to know when they will be presented on air?

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I believe on Easter Sunday, these will be the TSV-  

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I just ordered 2 pairs!  I missed out on my size in the past so I jumped on the presale.

I ordered black and the pink python.  I thought the pink python would look cute with a white tank and white sandals.  I wear PS and this size always sells out fast!!

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Just ordered the turquoise ikat in PXS.  It's the only print I like this year, and the smaller petitie sizes sell out fast.  Bought the same size last year in the navy painter stripe, so hoping fit is same this year.  I'm a 4-6 in pants.  Doesn't look like this year's style has the ankle slit, which is fine as either way is ok by me.  This pant is great for Florida living....I'm too old to wear shorts. Smiley Wink