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Re: D&C Beach Pants

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I have 3 colors from last year and it is my opinion you need to size down 1 size.

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I had a very busy day at work and never had a chance to check status until just now... Both of mine are showing in process with an expected delivery date of 4/25. 

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I bought 2 pairs last year and loved them. Came back for 3 more this year. The olive tie dye, black and the turquoise icat. Agree size down one size. I love them because they are the only beach pants that I can find in petite. They are perfect.

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I know this thread is about D&C Beach Pants (I have a pair), but thought I'd throw out another alternative in case you can't find your size or color choice in the D&C. Cuddl Duds has a great wide legged pant as well - very similar to the D&C. Item # is A346888 and they're 100% rayon so they're really light weight. I have a pair and actually like them better because they're cooler for me. The length is 29 1/2" and the price is $29 or $30. The prints are really cute. Just another option!

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      I ordered in black in the afternoon and just is in process!!  Maybe just certain colors are in advanced...