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Last year I purchased three pairs of the D&C beach pants with the slits on the side of the ankle.  Wasn't sure if I would like them but they are so comfortable!  I have the solid black, blue painter stripe and green palm.  The striped ones are my favorite.  I'm 5'4" and the petite is perfect with sandals or Sketchers.  Hope to see a similar TSV soon.      

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Re: D&C Beach Pants

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@ coconut1818

I purchased all the beach pants last year except the black.  The year before I purchased all of them.  They did not have the slits the first time and I liked it better without the slits.


The pants are so comfortable and they are my summer "go to".  I see D&C is having a TSV in April.  I hope it is more of the beach pants


I also purchased several wide leg summer pants from Susan Graver and they are aso very comfortable.  Love them all.

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Beach pants usually appear later in the summer after it gets really hot.

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@coconut1818   Last year I broke down to try the other d&co beach pants in solid black & navy. LOVE THEM!!!!  They're light weight, soft & flowy, very moveable, and the legs aren't so wide that they wrap around your other leg while walking. I am so glad I tried these. So easy & comfy to wear.

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I got a couple pairs off ebay last year.  Glad I did because they were perfect

to wear after knee surgery and PT.  Even though they are lightweight I

doubt if I'll wear them during the hot Texas summers.


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@Kachina624 wrote:

Beach pants usually appear later in the summer after it gets really hot.

No that would be too late. Gary mentioned May

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I went  back looking on my orders from last year.....May 4 or 5  I had an order for them, hoping this year there are more solid colors and smaller prints. 

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LOVE them.  Would buy more.  

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i keep looking at them on Pmark,  but not sure if I really need them, 

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Liked the pair I got of last summers version of them  - a black/brown print w/ leg slit.

I did like the fabric, the fit, and the style.


Probably will get this years version of them depending on the colors offered.

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