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D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

I order 2 prs of the black Beach Pants this morning  and checked my orders just now 3pm. and it indicates it is an

Advance Order...............During the show i was watching there was still plenty of all sizes left of the Black pants and just wondering how it became  and Advance Order when at the time i ordered the pants they were fully in stock?.

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

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kelsey17:  I was wondering the same thing.  Ordered two pair this morning, plently of stock, yet they are advance order.  I don't understand this.  

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

That’s happened a couple of times to me lately.

Last week I got an email cancelling a shorts order they had already confirmed.


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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

Just a guess here but I think they dont know when their warehouses will be fully manned again and if and when they will get any items delivered to them from manufacturers.  Everything is a cr&pshoot at this time.


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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

I ordered a pair yesterday 4/11 (Sat) night and then ordered another pair just after midnight today (Sun) when they were presented for the first time and both of my orders say "Advanced Order". I don't understand either.

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

I caught that show earlier.  I've never heard of "beach pants."  Never noticed anyone wearing them either on any boardwalks and/or beaches (Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City). 

Once the beaches open up, I am really going to check out just who are wearing those pants.

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

There was a notice that they were working with very limited staff today. I'm guessing that's why.  Nice to see them give time off to what I'm guessing is a busy time for QVC.  On an unrelated note I was also happy to see one of our major grocery stores closed for Easter. Easter Or not, those workers deserve a break.  


Hope everyone is having a nice day.  Stay safe! 

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

My orders from 2 days ago still show advance also. Just hope it does not happen like it did the first year they had the beach pants. I did not get  3 of the 4 pair and when they tried to correct it , they were gone. I had to chase the pants down on EBAY later. A mention was made about staffing being down and I hear the hosts mention also, they are working with a skeleton crew nowadays. Sometimes i forget what is going on with the virus and made a snide remark on another TSV post about how the beach pants were not styled very nicely today, including proper lengths on the models. After I thought about it, I realized maybe they have limited access to the clothes and assessories. But, Mary and Carolyn gave very good ideas on what colors and assessories would go good with these pants. Gary also jumps in with great ideas.

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

I was just about to post about this as well.  I ordered 3 pairs, one pair I placed the order a couple of days ago.  I ordered a couple of other items today and they show the normal in process so it's not a staffing issue.  I guess we'll all see what happens.

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Re: D& C Beach Pants - Advance Order?

mine said the same but I'll wait.  I love these pants ... in fact, I wore them today just to feel like I'm dressed more than the usual - tshirts and shorts!!! haha