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Curtis Stone - 4 Stones Ranch

Curtis Stone filming on his Malibu ranch his TS ribeye steaks which look fantastic. I can't afford them!

The ranch is beautiful with his gardens and vineyards!

I own a lot of his cookwear.

I thought he looked so different last month when he was on HSN and he mentioned during a show that he weighs 250. I was kind of shocked. He is only 47. Hopefully he won't end of looking like Elvis. He works a ton!


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Re: Curtis Stone - 4 Stones Ranch

I think he looks different because he no longer has his short spiky haircut.  His hair is a lot longer and a different style.


His ranch is beautiful, I agree.


His steaks look great and the price isn't bad.  You would pay much more if ordering them in a restaurant, but beef isn't really my thing.  If I am going to spend a lot of money on protein,  I'd rather have seafood.


I grew up eating steaks, so I've had my fill.  They are not special, just everyday food.

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Re: Curtis Stone - 4 Stones Ranch

I'm a fan...