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I wore a ton of jumpsuits in the 70s out dancing the night away and trying to go to the bathroom and not lose the top in the toilet was a feat in itself!

They were cotton jumpsuits and so cute.


There is nothing I like about this tsv. Why are there high slits when the legs are so wide! Plain silly. I hate crop wide leg anything esp with slits. They make you look shorter than you are.

No thank you!

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@luvmyteddy4   well depends on how tall or short you are there are 3 inseams, so they don't have to be cropped.  

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I think the given inseams were inaccurate. 2 models both 5'9 had on the regular length and it was down to the ankles on both of them. Mary Beth Roe said she had on the petite. 

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I don't like how the inside of the slits on the print choices show white. I do like the small daisy print but that wide swath of white showing inside those too-long side slits, ... No. That ruins it for me, and otherwise I'd like it. But that's just a pet peeve of mine, and I hope all who order it are happy when you get it!

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@Shelbelle I agree about the inseams being incorrect.  I was ready to order the petite, became worried because the exact measurements they have listed is a 21" inseam, which seems to me too short with the slit.  However, I just think that's wrong.  No one looked like they were wearing anything close to a 21" inseam and the regulars did look quite long on the models.  So, I might try the petite.  


How did the jumpsuit look on mary beth roe?

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I do not like the boots Shawn was wearing with the jumpsuit.The boots remind me of horses' hooves.

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PASS. Mismatched print, wide leg openings, polyester, unflattering style.