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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

@nyc1 wrote:

I'm always afraid the hair will grow back more coarse.




No, the hair doesn't grow back coarse. I have been shaving my peach fuzz forever and if that were true then I should have a beard by now. The hair on my face is the same as it was before I started shaving it off.

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

Thanks @SilleeMee .

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

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Is this similar to Finishing Touch Flawless?  I got one of those from Walmart on clearance for 8 bucks.  Works alright.  Just a shaver, no exfoliating though.

I'd also like to know how it compares to Finishing Touch Flawless?




 @starpolisher  I have the Finishing Touch Flawless. It’s ok but is smaller than the Contour.The Contour appears larger & possibly more powerful.I ordered the Contour because it looks like it may be a step up from the Flawless.

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

This was sold previously with one unit.  The reviews are not that great, so after reading those reviews I decided to pass.  I thought it may be a good back up to my epilator.  I have used an epilator since they were first introduced many many years ago.  If I recall using it was a bit painful at first but it didn't take that long for me to get past it.  When I use mine now I feel nothing and the hair is removed from the root so I don't need to use it ever day as you would with this model.

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

 I almost ordered, looked really good. But after I read the reviews I changed my mind. I have tried the Flawless and it didnt work for me.  I only have a little peach fuzz but that did not work!  Smiley Sad

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

I have the Flawless.  I bought it for 10.00 from I think Walgreens.  I use it on my face and on my big toes. Works fabulously.  I also bought the Flawless with the 4 heads on it from Evine.  I use that one on my arms and tops of my legs/knees.  


The one thing I like about this unit is the vendor said you can use it under your arms.  The Flawless units cannot be used there.  I made the mistake of using the larger Flawless under my arms without reading the instructions telling me not to and OMG.  I had what felt like burns all over under both arms.  Many reviews mention that as well.  It was my own fault but holy cow was I in pain for days.


As an aside, I recently ordered new heads from e-bay for my Flawless unit as they do wear out after awhile.  Do you think I know where I put them?  Nope.  I hate when I do that.  LOL


I was considering this because it's bigger than what I have but I have no need for 2 units.  

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

Why not just use a razor? I mean, this device has been around forever. Who wants to bother with changing the head every 3 months? If you use Clarisonic, why do you need the exfoliator? You already have to change the Clarisonic heads every 3 months. No, for me. 

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

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Gee, I am sorry.  I have never used Finishing Touch Flawless, actually never heard of I can not compare the two.


This one has a small head similar to a man's Norelco round shaver head.  Remember at Christmas when Santa would ride down the snow covered hill on the round shave head?  LOL That is the only way I can describe it.  I move it in a small circular motion.  The head is like I remember men's shavers being.


My Panasonic pink shaver has a flat blade head.  You need to shave up against the growth.  With this, the round head just glides and floats over my skin.


I believe it is an old wive's tale that it growths back coarser.  Baloney.  I am Italian.  I have had to remove hair since elementary school!  LOL  It is no more coarse now, than before.


I have had it since it debuted and NOT changed or purchased a new head.  It stills works great.


I do NOT need to use it everyday!  One shave lasts several days and as I said...I'm Italian.


Yes, I have a Clarisonic I use for I do not use the contour for that.


it is not a huge price tag here!  For quick and painless hair removal....this fits the bill and I am well pleased.


This particular tool is excellent at removing the fair, blond peach fuzz!  That is why I love it so much.

Almost anything can get the thick black hairs, but that peach fuzz can be hard to remove.  This does the job.

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

I need this so bad, and just like Jen said, one of these is going in my car. It never fails, I get in, look in the mirror and there are the two stray hairs on my neck that I am forever and a day fighting with.

Why do we get these rogue hairs, especially when our eyesight is going? UGH!

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Re: Contour Hair Remover TSV

I have a similar device, it’s a life saver for those pesky fuzzies! Can’t live without it. I don’t know why they feel they need to use these male models shaving their arm hair off. I mean, is anyone really going to be doing that? Now they will all look like idiots until it grows back! I would say if you were going to be shaving such thick hair like that you’d be going for a beefier device anyway.