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I am traveling to Europe in the Fall and I am looking for a good/great walking shoe.  I have never purchased Ryka.  Can anyone give me their thoughts?



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I love them. I've had surgery on both my feet. These are so comfortable! My podiatrist even commented that Ryka was a brand he would recommend. I've worn them on vacation (Vegas) several times & it's the only brand that didn't give me blisters with all the walking. 

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I love all of my Ryka's. I have weird feet. Very small heels and very flat wide toes. It's difficult for me to find shoes that fit. They flop on my heels or are tight in the toe box. Ryka fits perfectly. 

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I have several pairs of Ryka sneakers.   I find them to be comfortable and wear well.  I have extremely flat feet and they offer the right amount of comfortable support.   I usually wear a 7 1/2 or 8 shoe and find I need to order a 8 in this brand.  Enjoy your vacation!

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I have bought Ryka once, and discovered it had no arch support.  Will never try them again.

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Definitely give them a thoroughly good trial before taking them on a trip.  I had to throw out a pair of Ryka that made the back of my heels bleed; I had waited too long to try them.  Everyone's feet are different.

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Just my experience....


I used to think Rykas were good - until I tried Nursemates. I have arches in my feet, so needed that good support.


Last year I needed new Nursemates, since I walk a lot. I got Rykas. They were a TSV. I had used them before.  Also, I like to keep a pair of walking shoes in the cars. Anyway, they were totally uncomfortable, and I literally felt fatigued.


I replenished Nursemates, and the difference really is remarkable!


New NM on happy feet with another pair standing by. Old NM are in the vehicles, and the Rykas are planned for a dropoff.

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It's a nice looking shoe. I find it difficult to get the right size.  I know exchanges are free, but it takes so long, and if it doesn't work out at all, after exchanging, it would be a return. I've had too many returns. I don't want another one.


I haven't listened to the video, so I'm not sure if the insole comes out to insert orthotics, but I would need that.

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I don't care for Ryka.  My advice would be to go to an actual shoe store especially a store like Fleet Feet where they will measure your feet and even have machines that show your stride and pronation.  They will then advise on what shoes to get.  Most people use running shoes as walking shoes, and that is 100% okay.  You wear the shoes around the store and can wear them all over the place after purchase--outside, inside, you name it.  If they don't work for you, you can return them!  You'll pay more for a quality shoe, but it is worth it.