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Okay,...I watched last night and heard Jane say a hundred times "lowest price ever for Comfy TSV!!!"


She's right I suppose, BUT...


The new Comfy has LESS fabric and is less heavy that previous it SHOULD cost less!!!


I bought last WAS super duper soft but I think it was too heavy for general use....I used it ONCE and it's been stored away. The fabric was really nice, but not practical I thought.


If you bought, enjoy!! Actually, the lighter fabrication may work better. Is the material warm or just flowing and soft? It's 100% polyester...I don't think that's a "warm" fabric per se, but I guess if layered it would keep you warmer than NOT wearing it!!!


Enjoy if you bought one! I may take it out again to be ready in case it's cold this year. 


I keep my heat turned up to pretty comfortable temp ( My motto? As long as I'm above ground, I intend to be WARM!!!)...I set therm on 72  October 15 and don't touch it again til May 1!!!! (NW Pennsylvania...cold winters, windy days!)

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Easy pass for me, just cannot wear a blanket ever!!!   I need to be able to function, arm movement, etc, and if I am watching a movie I will simply put a blanket on, done!   For all who like them, enjoy them and stay warm Smiley Happy

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I turned on QVC and thought I was watching a giant pink teletubbie!😂😂😂😂😂

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Obviously the 'Comfy' company doesn't pay any attention to buyer's feedback.


On every variation of the Comfy, many buyers complain that the neck is too tight for some and suggested a small zipper or couple of buttons to make it easier on/off and not as tight around the neck.


I see that this years version offers neither, either.

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I can see how this would be very warm to wear to footballs games in the very cold winter months.  But otherwise it's something I'm not interested in.  I thought for a minute for my Mom but I think it's just too bulky for her.  I've seen these for less in my local area stores for under $20.  

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There is no way this is one size fits all.  If David can put it on, think how it would look on children like they are saying we should buy for.  

I personally would never wear this.  It would be way too bulky for me to be comfortable in.  When I use a throw blanket I throw it on and off.  Even Basso throws make me hot after 10 minutes.

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Call me crazy but I purchased 4 of these for Xmas gifts. I got one of each in the camo for a couple that I know will get a kick out of this and 2 for my daughter and grand daughter and they will love too.  So 4 good gifts as far as I am concerned.  


I also purchased the tsv wine and a bottle for the one couple and one bottle for each of my friends.  


I am not shopping out and about this year during holidays because of all that is going so I am just about done.  I have picked up stuff when I was out and no crowds.  


I have also purchased some advanced order items for gifts as well being sent direct.


Christmas is going on around here without the crowds is all.




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I bought this one last year and I love it.  We keep our house cool in winter for sleeping and it's nice to have this to slip on in the morning.  I also bought two of the thick sherpa ones and wear that occasionally.  The neck on that one is too small for DH, so that ended up being mine also.  

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@DWTS wrote:

I turned on QVC and thought I was watching a giant pink teletubbie!😂😂😂😂😂

LOLLOLLOL I thought the same thing..

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I purchased two - one for hubby and one for me.  I did not try the previous version of this comfy item.  We both grab a throw when watching a movie/TV.  This seemed like a nice change that will be warm.  Time will tell.