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His "JUNK" has made him a millionare- 

Simple solution.... STOP watching the presentation!!!

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@Othereeeen   Thank you for making my day!  Honestly I'm sure the vendors are tired of telling their story over and over again but apparently the powers that be at the Q presumes  are new viewers every day who haven't heard the story, as hard as that is to imagine.  

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And the beautiful, filthy rich, American swimsuit model who goes to Morocco to pay (a pittance) to the native women to crack open the argan  n*u*t*s to get the oil that will make the gorgeous swimsuit model even richer.  Bizarre. 

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@homedecor1  Beekman, total baloney. They remind me of a cross between someone trying to sell swamp land as prime real estate meets snake oil salesman and laughing while taking your money.