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Good Lord, what set you off!!!!  We all dream of a "Rockwell Chritmas" even though it is just a dream. 

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Re: Comfy Divorce

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I just got my Comfy today and love it! It went right in the washer so that I could wear it tonight while watching TV. It is very soft and warm; I am so happy I got it.


P.S. I'm not trying to be snarky, but to those who are 'so tired' of the divorce story, maybe you're watching too much?  It's only necessary to watch a presentation one time.  They tell the same story as they assume that there are new customers tuning in each time.  Look at Josie Maran; she's been telling the same French lady story for years. Personally I don't mind, but I can understand how others are triggered.  Just switch channels or mute for a few minutes and you'll be all set. 

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@STYLE wrote:

Good Lord, what set you off!!!!  We all dream of a "Rockwell Chritmas" even though it is just a dream. 

Dreaming of a Rockwell Christmas? LOLOLOLOL!!!!

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I never watched the presentation; ever. I just saw these, thought "hey, good gift for all of us" and bought them. It get's kinda chilly at night and we keep the ceiling fans on so, yeah, we'll wear them. Soft and cozy....perfect.


I don't give a ****** about the story behind a product; I know it's all BS and marketing. As long as it delivers the results it states, I'm happy. If not, back it goes and won't purchase from that vendor again. 

"Coming to ya from Florida"
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I personally don't usually get too annoyed with their backstories as there are constantly new people tuning in all the time.  Although I cannot handle the Tweak'd guy - I always change the channel when he's on.  But I definitely can't be persuaded into buying a Comfy.  I'm in SW FL & it's just not cold enough long enough to justify such a thing.  I have plenty of throws that do the job when we need it & I have no one up north to send that kind of gift to.  To be honest I don't buy a lot of stuff in the fall & winter because it's so much is geared to cold weather.  I'm struggling to with gift ideas & there is nothing inspiring on the Q or HSN right now.  And I can't handle the word COZY anymore while it's 90 degrees outside!! Smiley Tongue LOL!

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I can't help wondering what you do with these Comfys. Are they laying all over the family room, or tossed in a heap?


what do you do with them in the summertime?


They are bulky.  I'd probably toss them out because I have no place to store these.



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@CarmieI have a few, I wore them a lot during quarantine, and just pulled them out for winter as we are already getting down in the 30's at night. They are very warm, and my den has one window that the cold comes right through so it really helps me stay warm.


However, they are pain in the butt to store. I ended up getting a plastic tote at Wallmart and put them all in there. When folded they take up a lot of space.


I got my granddaughter and grandson the kids size for Christmas last year and they love them. Kids (age 11 and 15) wear crazy stuff to bed, (not sure why kids outgrow wearing pajama's but they do). They also do not wear bathrobes. I noticed sometimes when they stay over they seemed chilly. I asked before I bought and they both said "YES, I am always cold".


The younger one even asked if I could get him a second one because he is a split child who lives in two homes and he wanted one for each house.


I have the orginal ones though. They have changed the style over the years and they are not as nicely made as they used to be. As expected, they found thinner material and an overseas manufacturer. I do not like the new ones.

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Back to "sales stories" the ones from Dennis (Tweak'd) is the one that bothers me the most.


When he first came on the scene, the story was about his wife (his last wife) having a small jar of a butter/paste that he found in their bathroom. When he asked her what it was she said her her grandmother gave her and she used it in her hair. He set out to find the nuts to make some more. Then the whole story of rowing for days down a river and finding the people with beautiful hair.


Then he got divorced and the story changed to him making whatever he is selling for his mother who had been sick and her hair needed help. I believe his mother WAS sick, but the story doesn't even come close to his first story. I find it insulting that he uses his mother as his new story.


I have tried Tweak'd, and it is OK, but he is not even a hair dresser or esthetician. The other guy who just brushes and brushes and fluffs the grey haired woman is not even in the industry either.


Now he is remarried, and his daughter from his first marriage is all grown up, so now she is the hair model.


All his stories changing really broke my trust with him. Some people love his products, and that is fine. I just don't trust him anymore. Credibility is everything when the product is your own brand!

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Very well said, Othereen.
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My family was a case study in extreme dysfunction. Never a happy holiday in my childhood home.
Othereen hit the nail(s) on the head.