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They ran really big last time... not sure if I want to take a chance and order a size down?

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Re: Clarks Upcoming TSV

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I take it you're talking about the perforated suede espadrilles from last year? I own them in my regular size, and they are very comfortable. I may be in the minority, but I like these too (I love espadrilles or espadrille-inspired looks).

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I really like these, they are not pointy looking like on her facebook, which I also like.  Also, they are not suede, another plus.  I am getting tired of all the suede.  Just ordered them in red, yellow and metallic.  

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I too like these. I like them in red, navy and white. Waiting for the presentation to see if I order and what color. Will look cute in the summer with my linen pants and flowy tops.

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I really like Clarks shoes but the little verse at the end of your comment was PRICELESS! Have a Good Day.

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Love these!  I just am unsure on sizing.  I'm usually an 8, but I take an 8.5 in tennis shoes.  Any other sizing info?


The metallic are really cute.  I don't think the price is great though --esp. withs/h added on.  (and tax)

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I just ordered the TSV in metallic.  I stayed with my normal size 8.  I really like that these are a little dressier than my Skechers and Clark's metallic is a nice neutral.  I can't wear ballet flats, so these are a good option for me.  I hope there are no sizing issues.

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I like them and I don't see it as being a pointed toe.  More almond shaped.  I'm not buying them for two reasons.  One, they don't have narrow widths.  Two, I am still on a self imposed shopping freeze.  I really don't need another pair of shoes right now anyway. 


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I would order these if they came in black.  I don't know why they would have a shoe with six colors and no black.  

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how About having models that don’t have tattoos on their ankles,very trashy