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@SilleeMee wrote:

The reviews I've read about this boot say it is heavy, stiff and combersome. When I was in hs back in the 70s this style of boot was super popular. I wore the style back then and all I can say is that not much has changed about the comfort according to some of the reviews. Like the look though...mountaineer momma!Woman Very Happy

I like the style with jeans and a plaid flannel shirt.   An old friend of mine wouldn't wear that "lumberjack" look, but I will!


BUT I do not want, heavy, stiff and cumbersome.  SO I'll pass on this one!

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I'm not ordering them (don't need any inclement weather boots), however I think the aubergine is a nice shade.

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Been thinking of ordering these boots.  The golden tan has been calling my name since I first spied them.  Figured from the first review would order 7W.  But, now there's another review disagreeing with the first review and giving four stars 'cause weren't comfortable end of day.  But, that wouldn't sway me since I never keep shoes on all day - even when working, I'd slip out of them!  My normal size is 6.5M, considering ordering 7M.


Anyways, wish they'd be another review to 'break the tie'!  Strange 'cause often people either review or note on the tsv threads.



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Re: Clarks TSV on 9/15

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I've got the taupe on order and am probably going to get the aubergine, too. The pre-order product page reviews (which QVC is no longer showing) did not indicate that the boots were narrow as a general consensus. There was the usual narrow opinion from some and wide opinion from others. I like the yellow but I think that they'd look best with leggings, which I don't wear. I'm getting this boot for icy/snowy weather, the water resistance and the deeper treads on the sole seem suitable for that.  These are not being advertised as serious hiking boots and they don't have the features of such boots. They also don't look heavy to me; then again, I'm not one of the five-foot nothing sizes like one of my cousins, so what might seem heavy to someone of her size is not to me. Besides which, I own a pair of construction boots that I've had since my college days - now, those babies are HEAVY and unbending, lol.


Just to add, I think that unless you have perfectly normal feet, wearing boots all day long is going to result in tired feet. Ans especially if you're going right from summer sandals to boots. I know that I've never been able to wear any boots all day without discomfort because various foot/ankle problems that have bedeviled me all my life.

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Never liked this style looks too much like a man's boot to me.

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Real hiking boots are going to be more stiff, and probably a bit heavier, than everyday shoes. They are for walking distances and for rough terrains so they need to be supportive. 


I had to get a pair of hiking boots once when I was on my feet all day. "Good" athletic shoes left my feet screaming in pain before the day was over. Good hiking boots made it possible for me to  do my job without being in pain.