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Heavens NO!

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I never get a good fit with a Clarks TSV & the cloudsteppers hurt my back so it's an easy pass. My fav Clarks shoe is the Sixty Cruise, wish they were still available.

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I was so looking forward to the tsv then saw these are basically fabric shoes. Disapointed but I guess it’s good for vegans.
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Fabric shoes to be worn in autumn rains and winter snow and slush? No. Bad idea. I was looking for a loafer and for the same low cost found a decent pair in leather and with free shipping. 

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I love Clark’s and especially love the cloudsteppers but this shoe is an easy no!  I’m all in for comfort but still want an attractive shoe and think this shoe most definitely missed the attractive mark by a mile.  

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Sorry but these are ugly.

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these do not appeal to me at all. 

i am glad i have three pairs of ashland bubble.  they are my go to loafer. 

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Ugleeeeeeeeeee!!!  Yikes!!!!

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They are not ugly to people who want, like and need loafers.  They look comfy.

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I had a pair of loafer like cloud steppers and they were comfortable but the color came off where the top of my jeans hit them.  They were brown and when the color came off they were black.  I tried to get the rest of the color off and let them be all black but that did not work so had to toss them.....I like the style of the TSV but not the crosshatch and shiney piece and definitely not the herringbone ones.