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Re: Clark's TSV ....WHY oh WHY???

@LindaSal wrote:

@Caaareful Shopper That was comical!  LOL   I think you are right,  they make it sound like "it's flying out the door" when it really isn't that popular at all.   TSV's have been to repetitive IMO.

@LindaSal   the last sales count I heard was the one Jennifer gave at the start of her presentation in FNI, and it was 12,000+.  So that was the tally when QVC decided "only a limited amount remaining?"  Clark's TSVs back in the day sold 4 to 5 times that many.  


It could also be that they didn't get that many in inventory for this one.  Still, they're all still available.   

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Re: Clark's TSV ....WHY oh WHY???

Clarks used to have cute shoes. Some of my favorites were from their Indigo line which they discontinued. Now everything looks very utilitarian and not as comfortable.