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Anyone getting todays special value? I think that they are so cute, but I don't know what color I want to buy. I am leaning toward the gray. They also look like a comfortable sandal.

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I think they are very cute.  They look very similar to a TSV Earth has done in past years.


I only briefly saw Leah mention them this morning during AMS and they showed them on Leah's foot.  They either didn't fit Leah properly or there is a design flaw with them. The sides of the shoes sort of creased/folded/bent on Leah's foot.  They almost looked too wide so they stuck out in an odd way. 


I'm not sure if they looked like that on everyone but I noticed it immediately on Leah.  That would bother me because I thought it looked bad.  

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The Earth sandal is my favorite. Maybe buying another color. 

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I like that they come in so many colors. My concern is that they would dig into my big toe.


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Peep toe shoes don't work on my tootsies.  I don't care what brand they are, peep toes kill my big toe. 

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Velcro on shoes = Big NO!