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Does anyone know if there will be a Christmas tress in the next few days on TSV?

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Sorry for the typo. 

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I heard Carolyn say last night that the CIJ shows would be sprinkled throughout the month. They ususaly have one in July but they also have some clearance priced trees. July 14th is an all day Christmas event but it doesn't say "Tree: specific in the listing. 

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I think today is Christmas in July and then we go to 'real time' and are back to Independence Day, he he he.


Then we have Christmas in July from July 14th thru July 16th.

Then I see Christmas in July on July 25th.

Then I see Christmas in July on July 31st.



TSV on 7-14:  Christmas Shoppe - can't tell what the TSV is

TSV on 7-15:  Santa's Best Holiday Trim - can't tell what the TSV is

TSV on 7-16:  Luminara Candles - must be a flameless candle TSV

TSV on 7-25:  HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin - real candle TSV


My program guide in the InsideQ magazine only goes to 7-30, although the magazine states a CIJ event on 7-31 - don't know what the TSV is.




This is all for the main QVC channel.  I don't know what they have cookin' for QVC2.

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Re: Christmas Tree

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Not as a TSV , but ....Yes, they mentioned that they will be presenting one that has the teeny seed lights !

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Scott Living has a gorgeous tree today. Check out the many different heights. (Also, see my comments under "Holiday". I like it a lot!

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Thanks for all the information.  I am gonna check some of the trees you suggested.  Everyone is always so helpful.