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Re: California Innovations Totes?

@shoppingless I think the TSV today are very nice and attractive.  I bought a set of California Innovation Totes during Christmas time and gave away several as gifts. They are nice.  But I think the TSV today is even nicer than the ones I got.  I think it is good to put the forzen or cold food in the insulated bags during the drive home from the grocery store.  You can definitely keep the empty bags in the car (I do). I have several insluated bags, so I am not making a purchase today. But if you don't have any, I highly recommend that you get some.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

One of my grocery delivery people uses California Innovations. My ice cream arrived still frozen! I had been wary about ordering ice cream but, I really wanted some so, took the chance.
(Hers was K47046) It fit 2 paper bags of groceries in it - each about 2/3 filled. She raved over the durability since she uses several times a day and several days a week.

We have an older more structured and square California Innovations and always put frozen chill packs in - use for both frozen and refrigerated items.
If very hot and going to be very long, we take in store with us.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

@shoppingless wrote:

What does everyone think about today's TSV? I do worry about my frozen groceries melting in the Summer, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone using one of these in the grocery store. If you keep it in the car, it seems like it would be so hot from sitting in the sun.

I live in a city where they have banned single-use plastic bags and many of us bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store. Most people who do have at least one insulated bag for frozen or cold items.


I usaully keep mine near the front door instead of the car, but then I do sometimes forget them and have to get a paper bag. I do my grocery shopping after work, so my bags sit in the car for 8+ hours while I'm in my office. I live in Texas and don't have covered parking, so that car gets HOT. My insulated bags don't get any hotter than anything else in the car and by the time I finish shopping and load my groceries in them, they're no longer hot. The insulation works when items are inside and the cold air is trapped inside. When they're folded up inside the car, they're not trapping heat inside the bag.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

@Caron122 wrote:

What I'm wondering is can you put other things in them besides foods? For instance, could I pack a few items such a few magazines or books, and especially can you put electronic devices such as a ipad in them? Wondering about the mylar liner.

I bought an extra large (19”W x 16”H) one at BJ’s a few years ago and use it as our pool bag. It looks as though ours would be the size of the biggest of the TSV bags. It holds 4 beach towels, our iPads, snacks, sunscreen, a couple of water bottles and a change purse. We could probably fit more in there, but we wouldn’t be able to lift it up (those towels get heavy). Its insulation keeps the sunscreen from getting gloopy and our drinks cool. If any of our snacks are chocolate-coated, they don’t melt. We’ve never had a problem with our iPads and I usually leave mine in there the entire time I’m in the pool - several hours. 


California Innovations makes great coolers. One of my earliest QVC purchases was a California Innovations rolling cooler with a telescoping handle. We’ve used it for about 20 years and it still performs like it did when it was new. If I didn’t already have so many insulated bags like the TSV, I’d pick a set up today. 

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

Like many others here, I bought the last TSV, kept some, and gave away some as Christmas gifts. I do use the ones I kept. I also have the Lock 'n Lock insulted bags and LOVE them. But the container I use most is the freezer tote that came with K45662. This TSV is nice - and tempting - but it is more than what I would use. The combination of those three is perfect for my needs. Smiley Happy

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

Wow that's a really nice set. Love the black & white stripe ones. I also have a few from the set from last year & gave a few away. They're all the same size and each one is a different pattern. Still have my Sachi set from several years ago and they will always be my favorite but the California Innovation brand bags are very nicely made. The only problem I have with either brand is getting them folded back up like a big wallet and snapped shut, it takes some practice and if you don't do it for awhile it's like "Oh God I forget how the blazes to do this" and I wrestle with it for a bit.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

I bought them and I have the bags from last year that I use all of the time. I keep them in my car. California Innovations makes a good bag. I am hoping to use one of the foam insulated totes as my lunch bag. I am on WW so I pack lunch daily. I will tell you that I purchased a lug lunch tote for about the same price as these bags and it did not hold up. It is ripping inside. Once I had to use ice to cool my lunch and the water leaked out of the lug onto my desk at work. The lug tote, in my opinion was cheaply made. What really sells me on these is that they are water proof. I had a California Innovations bag from QVC for years (I bought it years ago) and it was so great, that i always look for this brand. 

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

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It would be nice if California Innovations did a red plaid set for the holiday season.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

Thank you all so much for the replies! I have my order in! 


I really appreciate all the feedback and tips.

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Re: California Innovations Totes?

I have had one for years that I keep in the car and pack my frozen groceries and stuff I want to keep cold after shopping so I don't have to think about running right home. I bought the TSV because now I can bring them right in the store and pack right from paying. as I usually do the self checkout thing. I love them. I brought some just fried chicken home for someone and it was still hot after a long trip home.