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Re: CREEDE Silver

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I bought the ametrine ring, which I found very impressive. 


I liked the TSV and almost picked up four of the silver hoops for my nieces in their twenties--but the silver ones had sold out by the time I got home from work yesterday.


The ametrine ring, I bought just off the internet before I left for work, early in the AM, but I turned on the Q around 8 last night and saw the presentation.  We'll see what I get in the mail, but that, it seemed to me from the 'net picture and also the TV presentation, was one outstanding and unusual gemstone.

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I remember when the silver days were so exciting.  You could barely walk out of the room because you might miss something unique.  Many items were not QVC's brands like Vicenza and silver style,  and they weren't the designers.  It was fun then.  Every single show now just repeats certain items ad nauseum.  I have plenty of jewelry, but if I need anything now, I look at the B&M stores.    I thought the hoops were very bland.  Good for someone in the workplace who needs basic professional items, but not for me.   

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Back in the day, all Creede items were new.  Now there is a bit of new mixed in with a bunch of stuff they're trying to dump because it's been in inventory too long.


It's turned into Siver Clearance Day.thumbs down

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