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Anyone have the inside scoop (or a good guess) what VPH's TSV will be? I'm assuming since she's kicking off CIJ it should be a real Wowser!!

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Nothing in the CIJ/Xmas shows are a wowser for me anymore.  Back in the day I bought a lot of beautiful, well crafted Xmas items that I still have. I wish they still made them of the good quality of yesteryear.

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no more stuff for me....i'm in the process of giving my stuff away to anyone who'll take it!!

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@lindathepooh  On the Holiday forum we were speculating that the TSV would be this:

May be an image of 1 person, christmas tree and indoor


It's another snow globe and has several different scenes. I really like it! She featured it on her FB preview.

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 CIJ this year..


I could barely decorate at all last year and don't see this year getting any easier.


But the snow globe ornament looks like something I'd probably be interested in if it comes in other colors..  so go figureSmiley Frustrated

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@lindathepooh - As @PA Mom-mom said, you can find a discussion about this on the Holiday forum!  Smiley Happy