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Maybe a hat and scarf set might have better sales. I think Kathie Lee didn’t help her sales. She went on and on about Jill and didn’t have to. We all know she’s a very good person with a good heart. She adores her family and it shows. I wish her only the best of health. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was a kid, so I’m praying for her.
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 She was on briefly  on a fashion show in a one pieces stretchy PJ  and made some hint abt her TSV as  maybe sherpa maybe not

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Thanks....can't take credit for the word "Shmatta"...someone else on the forum used it, and in my never ending quest for new and interesting words, I looked it up, and voila....put it into my word bank!!!


It's just perfect!!


There are some really clever people on these forums who can use the language so well....

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Maybe a high-end slanket.  Buy a few for your gift closet.

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Whatever it is it will be cheap junk at a high price.  Bumblebella - what a dumb name.

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Actually it's keeping with the theme of infantilizing the names and descriptions of clothing for adults...or, for promotional mailing of paper christmas ornaments that we are supposed to color....


The perception that we are five years old continues daily...the made up silly names of clothing, calling things "she" and now, the constant barrage of swaddling blankies and thick child-like socks and adult sippy cups ( every week a different version of a travel cup with a hole in the lid to sip out of....)


too much.

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I think the name BumbleBella, however odd it may be, is far superior to G.I.L.I., which IMO was a really stupid and annoying name.  If you tried to use the search bar you had to type it exactly like that (caps and dots): G.I.L.I.  Not to mention the fact that the name was based on the person who "got it and liked it."

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Jill posted these to her Instagram stories yesterday.  She stated something special is coming Monday...


Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 7.16.20 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 7.16.57 AM.png

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Re: BumbleBella TSV

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@Caaareful Shopper 





A bathrobe to pick punkins in....


With gigantic clown lapels to boot!!!!



All I can say is....ANOTHER day for Othereen will NOT  spend money on Q's TSV.



If that's the TSV....well, you know.

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And it looks like it still has those way-too-tight cuffs on the sleeves. Easy pass. If I wanted something this oversized, shapeless, yet awkwardly uncomfortable, I would just get the H438501 Comfy, which at least doesn't cut off the circulation to my hands.