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Re: Bring Back Birkenstocks!

@jackthebear wrote:

read something which I will distill

Birkenstock wants to have more control over how the shoes are retailed and pulled back on selling on TV, and other places



I remember reading at the time they disappeared that it was not QVC's decision to drop the line, it was Birkenstock's decision to leave QVC.

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Re: Bring Back Birkenstocks!

Yes, QVC please bring Birkenstock’s back. They never went out of style and are such great shoes. QVC would offer styles and colors not found any where else. Please bring them back up to size 42 and in narrow as well.



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Re: Bring Back Birkenstocks!

I agree. QVC always had such a nice variety, some with sparkles and goodies. Sure would like to see them back again. Love Birkenstocks.