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I hate bra shopping.  I like a demi bra, but I'm a 36A.  Even if they carry that size, they often don't have them in the store.  Usually, once I find the brand and size that I like, I just order from the website.  Different brands fit differently even with the same size. VS bras are the worst for me.  So much hanging out on the side of the cups.  Can't help it if I'm wider than the norm.  

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I hate bra shopping too! I am tall & I need a 44 bra but many of them don't come in a B cup or it's too big. I finally had to buy some & add an extender. I have two upcoming surgeries. The first is in July & I hope I loose some weight! Not looking forward to surgery though. In fact I'm very nervous!

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Went to Kohl's for bra shopping but dressing rooms closed here in Pa. Disappointing 

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If bra bands are a bit too tight, even if when shopping for new ones, try using a bra extender (available at Joanne's or other fabric stores). 


I've actually found new bras at stores that were a bit too tight, but fit everywhere else, so I add a bra extender for extra band length.


I sometimes use two of those extenders if and when necessary.  Depending on my weight, etc.

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