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Today's Special Value® - Saturday, February 5, 2022

E-242195 Bose Wave Music  System IV with CD Player & Dual Alarm Clock

TSV Price:$329.96


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Pass.......have 4 Bose - CD's don't last one is already slurring the music and Bose wants to know nothing about repairs.

If free - I'll take one.

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My Bose is at least 17 years old bought from Q way back when and bought the additional CD player.  I rarely use the CDs anymore.


It's one thing I'll always buy again, if needed. (Hope I don't jinx mine🤔) and much better price now.


Love my Bose🙂🙂🙂

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Got my Bose in 2003 and it sounds as good as the day I got it. Was $500.

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Does anyone know if the newer generations use wi-fi and bluetooth?

I would like one if I could use it a a vehicle to play my Amazon Music playlists

through.  Many things today are Alexa compatible.  Not everything,though.  The other day I said "Alexa, shovel out the car."  Nothing.


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i have one that came with the bluetooth attachment, so i can play music, etc, from my tablet. We love it. I got mine from hsn, 2 yrs. ago.

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I love my Bose. I'm using my second one, the first was maybe 15 years old when it decided it was tired and stopped. It was the base unit with the extra 4 disk CD player. I was unable to get anyone at Bose to help me so I just replaced it with a regular base. I'm surprised they put a CD player in it. I play CDs in my old car but thought I was the only one. I never have used the built in CD player in my newer one, hook up my tablet to it and play Pandora through it. It works for me and I love mine. This really is a good price.

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I have one from several years ago that I never use..I don't play cd's, so I just use a Bluetooth speaker and my iphone.  Works just as good and much cheaper.

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I have this exact one, and absoutley love it. The music is crystal clear and just radiates throughout our home. I love being able to play all of our older cd's on it.

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I bought one from QVC probably about 6 years ago.  It still works well, but honestly, I can't say I notice that the music sounds any better through it than my old stereo did.  I still buy and play CD's but only for my favorite artists.