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Big Deal Fountain

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I have been looking for a nice tabletop fountain and would jump on this for $25 or $30.00 but $40.00 for an incomplete battery hog with bad reviews from last year does not seem like much of deal. 


What do yall think?


Does anyone have suggestions for a good tabletop fountain?

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It is not the same fountain with the battery compartment complaints as last year. If you read the Q&A on this item, the manufacturer states twice that it was redesigned to avoid the bad problems from the previous model. Note the dates of bad reviews which applied to last year’s defects, now corrected.  


Not saying you should buy this if you don’t feel it’s worth the money, but your statement about it is not accurate. 

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I've had  a few of the plug in fountains and they last for years. You can always plug them into a timer. I've seen this type all over the place.(hardware stores, home stores, etc.) They usually come complete so it's out of the box, fill it with water and plug it in.


I hesitiate to buy any more battery operated items. I spend a small fortune in batteries and am trying to reduce that cost. I want some lenghtly run time on one set of batteries. Now, if the item has a lithium battery and charger included, I might consider it. Those systems work well in lawn tools so if that is the quality in the fountain then I would consider it.


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Received mine today and love it. The timer function works well. The item appealed to me becuase I've had a lot of tabletop fountains and most are so hard to clean. This is lightweight and you can switch the look using different bowls. 

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I got the TSV fountain (actually got 2) last year and (knock on wood!) haven't had a problem with them!  We used them all summer with the timer and DH just installed new batteries over Mother's Day weekend...they are fine.  

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I'm thinking of giving it a try. 


I noticed also that in the question section, the company has responded stating that they've improved it from previous years.   I think it looks nice and the sound of the water outside would be so nice.  


There was a smaller, older one that I saw on QVC for clearance, but it has lots of bad reviews so I never ordered it.  Sounds like this one is "new and improved".


Good luck to everyone that gets it and ENJOY!!

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I got it last year as the TSV. It was not great- Yes it worked, but the water flow made it was constantly off-kilter and needing adjustment. I don’t recommend.