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What's with all the sweaters?  It's going to be possibly 100 here in the Chicago area.  I know...same old tune, air conditioning gets cold.  But I'm not buying a sweater now.

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If the tops had been short sleeve actual summer tops I would have bought a couple. But the very last thing I need in Louisiana is a long sleeve top.
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I don't find the bulk below the waist flattering. Kim never offers Petites in her tops, only bottoms and I have short arms. And no, I don't want to push them up like so many modeling today are doing. Also, I would not wear this in New Jersey summers, even in the evening, if it's cool I would rather bring along a cardigan or thin zip up hoodie. Also, the price with shipping is more than I think it's worth. Pass

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I wouldn't want anything long sleeve now either; however, with the way things on Q staying "in process" for a long time and shipping plus how long it takes to get them, they might be here in time for cooler weather LOL.


Nor do I want any writing on them, such as Beach, Salty, Summer, etc.

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My favorite was the one with neutral stripes. 

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I purchased the one with the stars, passed on the ones with words.  It's a multi seasonal garment in cotton.  Should be here Friday