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Beekman liquid hand soaps

I bought them several months ago.  I didn't learn until it was too late there is a problem with the dispensers.  The soap clogs up in the pump on a routine basis.  I call this soap boogers.  This causes the soap to shoot very far because it is essentially coming out of a pinhole.  It makes a huge mess and gets on my clothes, rugs and everywhere.  This does not happen with any other brand of liquid hand soap.  My home is very dry,  that may contribute, but again, only this brand does this. I tried puttting it in another dispenser and that helped a little bit but it still happens.  I bought six of them at once, not expecting a problem and could not return as it took me more than the 30 days to discover this issue.  I'm just tellling you, because they're on today.  The soap itself if very nice though.  But I will not repurchase because I cannot deal with soap attack every day and night.  The only way I can make it work is to deress the pump reeeeaaaalllll sllloooooowwwww

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

I have the liquid hand soaps and yes the dispenser is a problem.  I love the hand soaps so much that I regularly pick off the build-up at the end of the dispenser.  Also I really cupy my hands under the dispenser so it doesn't go flying all over.  That helps.  In spite of this flaw, I have repurchased.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

@Grouchomarx   I know exactly what your mean.  I don't buy this brand, but I've had that happen with a lotion dispenser!

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

I don't have these but with other hand soap dispensers that do this there is an easy solution - every once in a while fill up the sink or a bowl with super hot water and toss in the pump to soak. It works.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

People can find better dispensers to pour the soap into. I have used bath sets, you know, that have dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, etc.....

Once I learned of the issue, I too cup my hand around the top, keeping it from going everywhere, and I unclog the hole when I think of it. I still like the product. Cheaper can be found elsehwere, but these products are a guilty pleasure for me.


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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

 love the smell of the hand soaps. it lingers. sometimes i forget to wipe the "soap boogar" off the spout, and it gets me. I just smile at myself. it smells heavenly.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

I transfer hand soaps to a dispenser that converts the product to use less product but still gets the suds.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

Oh I had issues with every one of them I had! Squirting the front of my/someone’s

shirt with soap most every time! Ridiculous.


To say the least, I took care of the problem by throwing every bottle of them out in the trash! Totally ——— me off!


Waste of money. And, no I did not even bother pour the soap into a generic soap dispenser, not worth the aggravation.


I can buy just as good hand soap for less with a dispenser that actually works properly.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

I have the same problem with the hand soap & it makes a mess.  I prefer foaming soap.  Where did you get the dispenser to convert to foam?  Also, these hand soaps are rather expensive.  I generally use Method foaming.

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Re: Beekman liquid hand soaps

Has anyone here called their private customer service folks?  (Asked nicely)

I believe they said that they have very nice folks answering the phones over there.  (Not a direct quote)

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