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It is now up. However the boxes only come with the first order and it says on most auto delivery shipping is free only on first order. Every time I've ordered the fall shipment is always delayed to the point one has to cancel.

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Thanks for this.  There's nothing I need in this TSV, so it's an easy pass for me.  I have way too much of everything already.


I'm waiting for my Fall shipment of the last TSV; should be delivered today, since the local post office now has it.

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HSN has a special coming up as well. Maybe the scents will be seasonal.

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I was disappointed that this TSV has the Honeyed Grapefruit scent. I really don't like that scent. I'm not familiar with the Shine Bright line. Their website has some nice gifts for Christmas giveaway though. 

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I am disappointed with this TSV.  I was hoping for a bounty box with new fragrance items.  This will be a pass for me.

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@Didiville I believe they mentioned that shipping would be free on all of the auto ships.  I did order one on Thrusday and it has already been shipped.  I'm using so much hand cream lately.  I thought the price was great.  I will use all of these so I may have to think about ordering  one for gifting. 

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It's a great price for all of the products. Sadly I have to pass - I only use and gift the unscented. But if you enjoy scents don't hesitate. 

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It's a fantastic price.  Yes, the auto-ship deliveries do come with free shipping, according to the host that repeated that several times in the midnight show.


However, I won't be getting this.  I absolutely love their soap, but their body creams are not my favorite at all.  I always needed to re-apply in an hour or so. The hand creams are nice, but I needed to re-apply that even faster. 



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Re: Beekman TSV

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The price is good, but I wish they wouldn't always include the bars of soap. I would have preferred it be replaced with their lip balm.

I will watch for a beauty box on HSN. Hopefully, they will be having one soon.

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I ordered and only have the soaps on auto delivery.  I love those.  Never tried any other items. These will make good gifts as a set of three with the same fragrance in each bag for my friends for their birthdays.  Set for me and a set for each of them.  


I went auto delivery and can always cancel later.  I have other things coming up that I can use as gifts later as well.