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Re: Beekman TSV February 15th 2020

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I'm pretty tired of seeing the Beekman Boys constantly.  I tried a bar of their so called goat milk soap and it contains more fragrance in it than actual goat milk.  Set my skin on fire.  Bad stuff.  




Thank goodness I did not get that feeling.  I do use their wipes. Which I think are pretty good. 


I can find WAAAYYYYY better goat milk soap at my local farmers market. I think their soaps are pretty much like grocery store soap with better smells (well Ylang Ylang at least. The other one I have tried was Fresh Air, which I tought was not good).

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Re: Beekman TSV February 15th 2020

Yes, how did THAT happen?   


I was, just this morning, thinking about that.


Almost everything made in C.


'It's a mystery'...............



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Re: Beekman TSV February 15th 2020

glad you've found items that suit you and I agree much better goat milk soap available on the market.  

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Re: Beekman TSV February 15th 2020

@scrapperlisa wrote:

@lousgirl I just heard them mention that if you want to cut a bar in half, it cuts much easier if you put it in the microwave for 5 seconds first.  

I did that and cut one bar.  I'm not strong at all and it worked fine.

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Re: Beekman TSV February 15th 2020

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I’m pretty hooked on their products for so many reasons. I love the natural ingredients and silicone-free options for hand creams. I also love the price; as the all purpose cleaning concentrate, shampoo bars, and even skincare products are birth very reasonably priced as well as available in fragrance free options. I cut the large soaps in half and always have a few stockpiled with lip balms for gifts. The 9-piece set they had last year (three balms, three soaps and three body creams for $55) made three $20 gift “trios” that I was happy to gift to teachers and colleagues. That made me branch out to other items and am pretty much addicted to the brand now Smiley Happy