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Beekman 1802 TSV 4/26

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Today's Special Value® - Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A-511617 Beekman 1802 Book of Goat Milk Goodness 7-pc Body Care Set with Box

A-544095 Auto Delivery

Pure Goat Milk, Honey and Orange or Gardenia

QVC Price: $71.50 TSV Price: $59.98

Free S&H


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Thank you for posting!!! Does anyone know if this will be the only scent offered in the Beekman Today Special Value?
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I love Beekman and it is a pretty little set. I have enough right now so I won't

be getting the TSV, enjoy it for those that do!

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Today HSN has on it's site a 5 piece set of Beekman for 49.00 and free shipping.

It has 2 soaps, Hand and Body wash, whipped jar of body cream, and a hand cream.

The scent is Rose Berry Blush in a gift set. It is the only scent.

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I bought it for my DIL for Mother's Day. She is a great person. I have enough Beekman to supply the neighbors.

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Enough of Beekman...