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I like the beach rock color but can't decide to order or not ? By the time you do shipping and taxes it was just under $90 anyone ordering it ?
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No, not this time. I have so much BD I don't really need another thing. The offering for me at this point, has to be something special and different for me to buy.

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There's a large group of Barefoot Dream fans posting on the Fashion forum. They're knowledgeable, dedicated and very helpful. Come on over!

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I don't know what you are looking for in Barefoot Dreams, but Nordstrom has several pieces on sale. Always free S&H.

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Thank you
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Was there just a shacket on Pm style for $200 ?… AND it's almost sold out!… Ladies.. what are ya doing?… The same material is found on loungewear sets in Marshals for $30.00 😳

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I have too much BD that I never wear.  The prices are crazy for the material & quality.  I have never seen a celebrity wearing this line & I doubt Oprahs robe was made overseas.