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Too expensive for what it is!


.And I do not like the sleeves or the neckline.  


When the host or models move their arms, the whole poncho moves...they could have made the opening for arms better so you could move with ease..


And  the  neckline does no favors...too high!



just cheaply fashioned for the price.

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I haven't seen a woman wear a poncho in over 20 years.  

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One size fits most never works for me at 5' 0".  Looks cute on the taller models.  The sleeves would be way too long for me.

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I was hesitant on this one but ordered the blue stripe after seeing it presented.  I think it's pretty.  I only have one poncho in my wardrobe but it's much heavier so figured this one might come in handy for other times of year.  The blue stripe gives me beach/resort vibes.

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Too skimpy. They look like lobster bibs!

I like my ponchos to be longer and to have more drape.

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None of them have raised their arms with this on. What happens if you have to fix your hair? Looks like a cocoon to me.