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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

I find it interesting that some posters are finding the price of this item too high.  I remember when BD first came on the Q and most of their items (even TSVs) were at or above $100.  And they consistently sold out. I have several of the heavier weight that I bought in the first few years and they are still in good shape.  I recently purchased one of the lighter weight sweaters (under $100) and find it comfortable and hope it holds up just as long.  In my opinion, this sweater/hoodie is not overpriced.  I'm not buying it, simply because I do not need it.  

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

@Kachina624 @chrystaltree @Pecky + all


I understand comments that share they don't like the style.

Or think it is too expensive.

Comments that the marketing decision was wrong for summer appear clueless.

Clearly not people who are involved in the psychology of consumer marketing.


Tens of thousands have already ordered.


Including me: Dahlia and Crystal Blue

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23


I don't own anything by this brand, because the price points are a bit high for me. 


In addition, I don't really care for hoods on sweaters, others like them - that's fine - but hoods are not for me on a sweater.


Also I find a lot of their pieces to be too oversized and slouchy...a bit sloppy looking for me. 


But what I came here to say is that this TSV makes no sense to me...short sleeves? No thank you. As others have stated, if I need to 'throw on' a layer on a chiiy morning or evening or when in air conditioning, I WANT FULL ARM COVERAGE. 


I just received a lovely sweater I ordered as a 'throw on' from Macy's. Light weight, soft, cream color, long sleeved with pretty button detail on the cuffs and mixed pattern knit at the hem to add interest. $79.00 before sale, I got it for $20.00


For those who purchased the Barefoot Dreams TSV, wear in good health and enjoy!

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

I am a Barefoot Dreams fan and have many, many pieces in all different weights.  Most were TSV and I am happy with all.


So if a new piece comes out, for me, it comes down to weight and style.  This TSV is a pass because I don't care for the style. Don't care for the short sleeves or hi/low hem.  To bulky for me.


I live in Texas and alwways have my BD hoodie available.  Comes in handy.



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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

Definitely overpriced! Have been finding many of QVC's clothing at either the Salvation Army or The Goodwill. After seeing some of their fashions, I'm happy I never purchased them. Poor quality with high prices!

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

They're stuff is cute, I don't like the appeal to celebrity sales tactics 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

@Kachina624 wrote:


@chrystaltree wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

Hard to believe they'd try to push something like that in June when many places are expecting record high temperatures.


They ought to give Barefoot Dreams the summer off, especially since they seem to be on virtually every day other times of the year.  I maxed out on them years ago.


Do you know that this is a huge country with many different weather zones?  We all don't live in Texas or Louisiana.  It's 60 degrees today, cold and drizzly.  It won't break the 60s all weekend.  Sweater and jeans weather, even if it is June.


@chrystaltree    Why don't you read all the posts before getting smart?  I've already addressed your comment.


Because I choose not no read every comment on every thread.  So...   Move on.  


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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

@Lucylu12 wrote:
It’s actually really light weight. I own this is 2 colors that I bought a year ago. It’s an easy throw on when it’s cool especially in the summer months. Most times you do not need that total arm coverage on a cool summer night. In the fall it looks wonderful with a long sleeve top underneath. It has been my go to for easy dressing and comfortable.
You would be surprised how much this would be your Fran and go. Anyway I like it.

I agree.  If one listened to the presentation they would have known that it's not heavy and very lightweight.  I just hope the zipper is not too heavy for the fabric and lays nicely.  It appears to be puckered on some and not on others.  

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

[ Edited ]

I love BFD, but ONLY in the original fabric like the robes are done in. 


I realize they had to come up with something to sell that was lighter weight for summer, but unless they changed it recently, the Cozy Chic Lite used to shed like crazy. 


I won't buy ANYTHING that sheds, so that alone knocks it out for me. 


This CCL is a blend of nylon and viscose~~~totally different from the original. 


Alberti wearing it...I believe that was his idea to don it for whatever reason. I don't think it was meant to be sold as unisex. It's too feminine and I'm not sure what he was thinking but I am betting it didn't help sales. 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams TSV 06-17-23

It's not the price or fabric that I find objectionable; it's the style. To my eyes, it's just not flattering, nor a look that I'd want to adopt. For some, however, it may be I hope folks who buy it, enjoy it!