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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

This is an easy pass because I detest hoods on cardigans.  It makes this far too casual for me to wear to work.  However, I've determined long ago I am not a BFD person. I love the looks of many of them but never really wore what I bought.


I'm in Ohio and right now we have a feels like temp of 46 and it's pouring buckets.  I too work in an office where I freeze.  The ac vent is right above my desk and my choices are to close it and get no air or open it and freeze.    

I bought a clear plastic air diverter and put one on my AC vent at work. It has magnets on it and is adjustable width.  Actually works on all kinds of vents even if it isn't exactly the same size because at least it will divert some of the air away from you.  


I have a number of BD, and I have found the thinner ones wrinkle the worst. So I suspect this ultra light will be like another ultra light I have and I have to throw it in the dryer before I wear it every single time. 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

Question:They showed a BD tee with the TSV presentation. I didn't catch an item number. Can someone share if they know.. Thanks.

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

After seeing more pics I decided to pass.  It's too oversized and looks sloppy.

Looks like something my hubby would use to dry off his car. 😉

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

I adore the colors but not that droopy-saggy looking cardigan style. 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

Just disappointed in this TSV . Maria seems to be the only one that looks good in it . On the models it seems so long in the front and short in the back . Too short in the back and the colors on my screen seem more geared to fall except for a couple . Glad I ordered the pull over !
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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

I'm baffled why they most times feel compelled to put hoods on cardis. If this is meant for spring/summer ie lightweight fabric to be able to wear in warm weather anywhere USA, we do not always need a hood attached. Not everybody even likes hoods.This is a deal breaker for me.

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

@banned again @PINKdogWOOD @Lisa bug @SilleeMee @CJC + all


During the presentations, I was excited by the idea of the joggers.

Seems like Barefoot Dreams has so many, so it took awhile to read through, including reviews.

More luxurious than my cotton joggers [from various vendors].


Ordered two different types, willing to pay mailing and return fees to have a comparison.


Goal: A pair of joggers that is comfortable and an upgrade—that I can wear everyday OR with a blazer.

     Black, for versatility. Went with pockets.

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

@bargainsgirl wrote:

Please stop with the hoodies and the drapey fronts!  So very tired of that look.  Looks like a slouchy mess.  Easy pass for me.

...and to your "slouchy," I'd add sloppy and saggy. 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

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@YUARC wrote:

Can I ask you a question since you own their cardigans?

Do any of them have hoodies? Do you own this?


I ordered 3 and returned them all because the hoodies kept flipping inside out no matter what I did/how I wore them. It got so frustrating.

I watched all the presentations and didn't notice this, that's why I ordered 3. I rewatched the presentations and noticed that pretty much all the hosts and models (Maria too) had the hoodies gathered around their necks so there was no way of telling.

I posted this question here and on FB but I've gotten no replies.




I have 4 of these, @YUARC, and wear them often.  I rarely, if ever, put the hood up so it just lays down. When I put it on, i will fix the hood, or my husband will, but then it's fine after that - no constant adjusting. 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan TSV 5/8

I enjoy my Barefoot Dreams and have several. This TSV simply has too much fabric and not enough shape or structure. It's not practical when I am running errands to "wrap" myself up in a criss-cross fashion with my hands in my pockets.