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Looks like a comfortable bra; however, the size chart does not indicate bustline, band.  I don't understand anything in their size chart.  How can you sell this bra?

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Re: Bali Bra 8/24

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I dont wear that style of bra, poor me, my bouboulines (bazoukas) will be not be able to breath with all that material, so I pass for this TSV.

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I was also interested so I ordered 2 sizes. 

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If you watch the video, they put up a real size chart that shows band/cup and corresponding size.  I think if you got to the Bali site, you can find the same info.


I don't order these types of bras.  They all just give a uniboob look.

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Over the weekend I ordered 2 Bali bras #3463 from Macy's.  $16.99 each and I get free shipping.  I do not like the style of bra that's the TSV.



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I thought the numbers across the top of their size chart showed the band size.

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I always buy Bali from the Leggs Bali Playtex Hanes outlet stores, if I were to go in person, or online from One Hanes Place, usually free shipping and good sales, if you sign up on their site, they immediately send you 20% off. 

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@KatCat1 The chart I saw had band and cup sizes.  I know because the TSV started band size more than I need and cup size less ythan I need.  Easy pass.  Not a bra for those of us needing major engineering, but I always look.  Silly me.

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The numbers across the top of the chart is the band size, the letters cup size so where the two come together on the chart is the size you order. I tried this type of bra but it's too much material, I like a smaller fav Bali bra was discontinued, style 3413 wireless with concealing petals. Hope this helps with sizing @KatCat1. Be well.

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The size chart has been shown during the presentations, and is also one of the picture selections on the item page. Just find where your band and bust sizes meet. For example, if you wear a 38C, buy the medium.


bali ts size chart.PNG