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Does anyone have these??  Are they worth it?  Do they work Ok??  Really want to get these.  Thanks for your help!

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I have Ring and had purchased not only for myself but for various family members as gifts.   My personal opinion I would rather purchased Ring than find I made a mistake 

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We have a couple and they work great. We also have a Ring doorbell but it can be slow to connect. Often people are walking away before it opens. Blink is quicker to respond. No monitoring fees which is a big plus and you can turn it on or off at will. 

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I don’t have this exact model but have a set of three Blinks. I like them a lot. The batteries do not last as long as they least for me. Still a good purchase.
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i got them last year when they were the TSV. I love them & they work great. It’s been almost a year & I only had to replace batteries in 1 camera. The battery life depends on how often you check the cameras & the settings you have. 

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We purchased the set of 4 when they were a TSV back in July.  They were $250 and I beleive a great value.


They are very easy to set up.  We have 2 on trees so we did need a ladder.  We bought an additional camera at Best Buy for $89 after someone knocked our mailbox down in August.  We thought we needed one towards the street.


They are great - I recommend.

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I love Blink cameras.  I have them all around my house (mostly outside).


They pick up all kinds of varmits (spiders, squirrels (they try to eat them) lots of deer, foxes, and on and on.


It's fun seeing what has visited my yard.  I have an acre of land that backs up to woods.


I tried the Blink you can talk to but decided I didn't like those.


I also tried the Ring thingy and it worked great for about 2 months then I kept getting requests to join some neighborhood thing.  This was neighborhoods all around the area.


It wouldn't let me clear the Ring.  I called the company and never got good results so I sent them back.


I'm going to get a few more Blink cameras.  Right now I have 10 total.


I feel safe in this house.  Between ADT and Blink....I'm good.

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We have a set of 3 Blink cameras and a Ring doorbell.  


The Ring doorbell is rarely used unless someone comes to the door.  I refuse to pay the monitoring fee to keep the videos recorded. QVC didn't highlight this fact when we purchased the doorbell a couple years ago. Even though it is a small fee, its the principal.


We played with the settings on the Blink cameras so they don't record everytime a  car goes by.  If I'm not home I can arm the cameras and know when my kids come home from school.  When we are on vacation, we know when someone comes to check on the animals and it gives us a peace of mind.  They are scheduled to be armed and disarmed everyday.  Ours have been installed since last spring and we have not had to change any batteries.


Between the 2 - highly recommend the Blink Cameras over the Ring Doorbell.  

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Do you have trouble with it sucking the battery life out of your phone? I had a 'no-name' model from Amazon and it was terrible on my phone battery. It would send me alerts for the tiniest thing, like the flag moving. Finally uninstalle the appt. 

I would like to have something for the porch pirates in our area.