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  1.  To many Asian-American women, hearing the phrase “Me love you long time” can be completely de-humanizing and traumatic.Yet this hasn’t stopped the phrase from casually entering various areas of pop culture, school yards, and the music and fashion industries. It’s a weaponized phrase deployed to put down Asian diaspora women, to make us the joke. It's used to reduce Asian and Asian-American women to sex objects. Asian hate crimes have disproportionately been an Asian women’s issue. Sixty-one percent of reported incidents happened to Asian and Asian diaspora women, largely due to the hypersexualization of them. While this should have happened ages ago, now is the time to make sure the use of this phrase as a weapon to belittle and objectify Asian and Asian-American women stops.

While many think the phrase started in 1989 with a 2 Live Crew track in which female vocals ooze “Me so horny. Me love you long time,” the words were originally spoken by actress Papillon Soo Soo, who portrays a Vietnamese sex worker soliciting American GIs in the 1987 Stanley Kubrick film, Full Metal Jacket.


Unfortunately, we can’t ask the men who wrote the movie—Kubrick, Michael Herr, and Gustav Hasford (whose novel, The Short-Timers, became the movie), all of whom are dead—what their intentions were when they wrote that line of dialogue. From the reactions of the soldiers in the scene, it appears the Asian female character was being mocked.


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@Sooner wrote:

@spumoni99 wrote:

For those saying its just looking for trouble where it isn't etc, this is very insulting to Asian Americans.  I haven't seen the movie but I still can see how this is very insulting.

This is obviously not a spelling error, at first I thought maybe longtime was the name of the bag, I couldn't believe my eyes!

@spumoni99 It's insulting to act as if everyone on the planet goes to movies, knows what is said in movies, and is out to insult certain groups.  

Why in the world would someone at QVC where English is the main language use unnecessary slang?  Even if you have no idea this is insulting to Asia women, why not use proper English grammar?


This is not proper English no matter how it is twisted.  Besides other problems, to do this is in bad taste even if you have no clue it is hurtful.


There are no excuses.  Someone at QVC should have caught this error before it was sent out.

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@Imaoldhippie How is this an obvious typo? 

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If the product was made by an Arican American and QVC sent out a memo using African American slurs, you'd bet there would REALLY be an uproar.


No difference.

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I don't think that phrasing should have been used and I find it hard to believe it was a mistake. Someone at QVC should have known better.


BUT I am also so tired of everyone being offended by something.  Phrases and jokes that can somehow "demean" Asian women, Southern women, people from West Virginia or Kentucky, Valley Girls, overweight women, Wasps, and many other categories plus those of any religion and nationality are out there.  Lighten up and get over it.  Laugh it off.


As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."


Life is too short to get worked up over everything.

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An apology email just hit my email inbox.  They have realized their error.

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@PA Mom-mom wrote:

I'm trying to figure this one out, and I'm guessing it may be those of us who were of draft age and older during the Vietnam war, who are acutely aware of the reference to women in a war-torn country using any means necessary to make money. DH remembers this reference in Good Morning Vietnam as well.

I was a small child during the Vietnam war, and I knew the reference.

“…nevertheless, she persisted.”
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I just received an email from the president of QVC apologizing for the offensive email.  


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I received that same email.  

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That earlier email was inexcusable.


But I'm glad they addressed it publicly, from the head of the company.