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Anyone else get frustrated...

When what would appear to be the most popular option of a tsv, for instance today's Earth shoe in the croco option, practically always sells out so fast and before all the other options?  This seems to happen often and I wish QVC would order this version/option deeper so it is available longer, at least through the morning show presentation, if not longer.  It probably is a sales gimmic to be able to say one option has already sold out, but imo this is not very customer friendly.  Just wondering others' thoughts.

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Re: Anyone else get frustrated...

I am with you in this. 



I want a Dooney in Fuschia. They never seem to have it. When they put that SKU on sale, you would think they would bring in extras. But no, the sale happened without the purse in Fuschia.   



All the other retailers are having a mother day sale but not QVC.   

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Re: Anyone else get frustrated...

I guess it’s subjective. I would have guessed the blue would have sold out first.
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Re: Anyone else get frustrated...

It's probably a big guessing game - I would have thought the yellow would have been the first to sell out.  


Thanks being said, I did grab the Snake print early this morning. Now I have to hope that although it was 'in stock' when I ordered that it doesn't change over to 'back order' once they realize they oversold it.

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Re: Anyone else get frustrated...

I was involved with the buying process for a retail store. It is very difficult to determine what will be the "best seller" from a line whether it is clothing, shoes, cosmetics, or fragrance. Invariably I was surprised by the front runner. Buying for the retail sector is a lot like trying to pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby.