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JC had on her usual xxxxs and needed to go up a size.  They looked a little too short in the crotch area and way too short with the heels she had on.  She said she was trying to dress them up   IMO these are not dress up pants.  They also did not hang well on Maria and she was in a 1x.

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Jane T is a real trooper. The pants make her look at least 20 lbs heavier. She is wearing all the Q clothing. I have to give her credit where credit is due. Those pants are really terrible. They don't look good on anyone. I sometimes wonder who designs these TSV's. 


The petite hosts are wearing the regular inseam. It does make one wonder why design for petites only to wear the regular inseam. I think the petites must be ill fitting in all areas and the regular are roomier. 


 I think the Anybody line is not for any body!!!😆

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What a horrible looking garment.  No one (in my humble opinion) looked good in these monstrosities.  One exception to that:  the model Suzanne.  Everyone else looked frumpy, lumpy, and dumpy.  People need to open their eyes and not be blinded by all the hype.  I wouldn't even go to the mailbox in these.

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Re: Anybody TSV pant

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@laluzdelmundo wrote:

@sueinsf The cozy knit foldover jogger pants (A293069, almost sold out now) are comfy and cool, but def. casual. I have them in the smokey taupe and black. I do like the fabric blend which I believe is the same as this TSV. Tho some at QVC would wear them with heels, I wear them with Birkis, flip flops, or my Vince (not-Camuto) slip on sneakers. I like that style better than the cargo joggers that came later. Tried a pair & returned them. 


During part of Jane's presentation at 4, MST, she said over 3,000 had been sold already. I don't know if that is a lot, or not so many. She didn't say how many had been "brought in" for the TSV event.


Thanks @laluzdelmundo.  She must have meant 3000 sold in that show because 3000 total is nothing!

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@barrel racer, these pants are not for this "thin gal".... I bought a similar pair of D&C Beach pants and they absolutely just hung on me. I like palozzo pants, but this style is so large in the rear and thighs that it didn't flatter at all. Sit down for a few minutes and they keep growing!

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Yes. I noticed. And she said she was wearing a small!!!
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Lol. They didn’t make her look great either