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Anybody Gaucho Jumpsuit TSV 6/14

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A-397594 AnyBody Cozy Knit Luxe V-Neck Gaucho Jumpsuit $34.98

Choice of Petite, Regular or Tall

Choice of Light Copper, Medium Indigo, Jet Black, Hibiscus Floral, Light Turquoise Floral or Black Floral

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What is the item #?



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Good grief.  I wonder how many of those they expect to sell to anyone over the age of 30?

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HHSee the source image


OH HECK NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  If I was in my 20s, but being in my 60's, I gotta "wee wee all the way home" every five minutes. I ain't about to wear a jumpsuit.

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Sooooo many jumpsuits on both Q and Hsn.  Some of them look nice BUT...I just can't imagine getting in and out of the garment each time one needs to use the "ladies room"!!!!!  This would be very troublesome for an older lady like myself who needs to go often!!

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Cute if you can wiggle jiggle out of it 🤣
It's a big no can do for me!
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Cute....but I stopped buying jumpsuits by the time I was in my late 20s.

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I can't find it........What is the Item number?


Cute and comfortable.  Nice length.

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That looks like a 1960's outfit for the women who stay home and do housework all day long.  Retro for sure.

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i am 58 and have several of the anybody jumpsuits. i was wary at first also, but when i tried one last summer i found out how easy they are to get on and off quickly. so comfortable, great material, and nice to wear with a heel, flat, or sandal. i like to wear some type of lightweight topper......a kimono or shrug.

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