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This is one of the most ridiculous looking tsv I have ever seen. 

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Well I was afraid I was going to see where veryone loves these.  HA!  I realize they are not for me.  I would rather have a Walmart Hanes fleece because I would only wear something like this around the house.  Next year it will be in the stack of clothes to be donated!  This might be if anything a 1 hit wonder.  Never even gave it a thought.  Maybe the LOGO tops would wear well with these.  Funky town

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It's a tough look.


-) You have to be VERY tall & slim to pull it off. They look best when resting on top of your ankle bone. Shorter the better.  Accentuate the smallest part of the leg...your ankle.


-) Keep the shoe very light.  High heels? A thin-strap high-heel that Kim Kardahsian tends to wear often is perfect. Flats?  A thin leather flip-flop.  Any sort of boot or heavier shoe will create too much visual weight on the bottom. 


Any styling other than that, they look like you borrowed your husband's football sweats he bought at Academy Sports w/ the fleece lining. 


Waaaaaay back in my early 20's when I was thinner & modeling, I would wear a similar style, a harem pant.  The waist riding lower on the hips, a pair of Candy's mules & a sleeveless shirt tied up at the, I was the deal when I went out clubbin'!  Yeah, that was a long time ago. Ha. 

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Re: AnyBody TSV

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@IMW wrote:

We sure don't wear them in NYC. QVC needs to ramp

up its' game. Notice when a decent gold or gemstone 

tsv is presented it usually flies out.

I think thE best this 

tsv could be called  is nursing home / hospital 

rehab chic. Since it is easy to put on and comfy. But that

description insults those institutions. ( no offense is intended)

Um, some of us do. :-)  You might see a 20-something wearing them with heels -- that's a fad. I've been wearing these for a couple of decades, with sneakers, as my casual wear... but I pay less than $25 for them.


IMO. the noon time vendor looks ridiculous in that outfit.

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I am challenged in the fashion department and need garanimal for adults but think these are hideous!
And wearing with heels??????? Butt ugly! 

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Re: AnyBody TSV

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Oh look!   You can LAYER the pieces like Logo!   Greeeeeat.   :sarcasm:

   (And that "swing top" is tragic.)   

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Finally a TSV at a reasonable price, but they are so god awful ugly. I wouldn't even wear them around the house. You would look like a balloon or a clown. They say the fabric is thin too, light weight. Sounds very flimsy. I will stick with my jeans and leggings. To each their own.

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This TSV is not for me!  Notice how most of the models have an oversized, tunic length top to cover up most of the waist and hip area.  Even Kirstin has a flowing top over this jogger pant and she has the figure to sport this look!


I also agree that they are way too short and don't look good with anything but a flat shoe, or better yet a slipper.

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Re: AnyBody TSV

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@Kachina624,   I totally agree with you.  First of all, if you are going to wear the pants you need to have a hoodie to go with them so it's an outfit and you look polished.  Otherwise wearing the pants with a tee shirt you will look sloppy, not a look I strive for (perhaps in the comfort of my home but not outside).  It seems the Q is pushing this athletic, comfortable look but it needs to be in sets pants with hoodie or some type of top and frankly, not sure of the pants period.  IMO.  Cat Very Happy

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