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Asymmetrical hemline on this jumpsuit looks goofy.From the waist up, it looks nicely fitted. To be honest, I have never liked a gaucho style. Also I don't care for a string belt. If you are buying it, it doesn't ship for two weeks which is what the Q is doing a lot now.

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I think it's hideous in every color!! I honestly can't imagine any of the hosts wearing this and loving it.  

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Yeah that hem definitely looks like a sewing project gone wrong.

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why did they do that hemline?


and Rachel her name is Amal in Emel

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Re: AnyBody Jumpsuit

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Getting on the floor, legs spread wide as if playing with toys with children -- was the absolute silliest fashion presentation yet.  I think everyone already knows when your bottom half is dressed in a pants style you can do much more than in a dress.  


I love Anybody jumpsuits, I have many.  Not getting this TSV though.  The odd hemline, and the length are both turnoffs for me.  I like the inseam longer so that it's a crop pant, or even full-length.

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I love AnyBody fabrics. I have many of their items, but this is not a go.  The odd hemline does look like a manufacturing mistake!  It's a pass. 

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only positive thing is offering in tall and petite sizes which does not happen often, and I assume from xxs and up but and they are saying up front when it ships 




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Not a fan of jumpsuits. I too, never cared for gauchos. Passing on this was an easy decision for me. 

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If I was thin I might like it. This is not for larger women. Easy pass for me! It is also trying to appeal to younger women. I understand that. It seems like many items are for the younger crowd.  I did find too many clothes in the last few weeks! I am hoping they fit.