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@RetRN I agree with your comment, but I am laughing, too. I have purchased a Dyson, a Scott Brothers mattress for a guest bedroom no one uses, and two Halos (one for each auto) when they were TSV. 

The days without those particular TSV are much more enjoyable.

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I don't mind another Graver tsv. Her clothes usually fit me well, especially when offered in Petite. Her quality is good too and I wear her things for years because they wash and wear well.

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SG fashions do 'last forever'.


Can, one day in the distant future, be 'handed down' without any issues. 


All or almost all very classic in style.  



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Susan Graver may be the "top" selling vendor on QVC however her clothing, along with Issac, are also the most returned. I live close enough to the QVC outlet in PA and the place is filled with returns with her stuff (deeply discounted too). Too many TSVs from her line, Issac, NYDJ, mattresses, computers, Belle. By the way, you do realize that "liquid knit" is mainly polyester...the CHEAPEST material on the planet.
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Just about every day she's on. Does she live there.

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Hoping it's a transition to fall item - full length pants in all 3 inseams - love her tall pants!

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Past Dementri said this morning that Susan's TSV is indeed a Fall item.

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I guess we will be seeing more Fall collection now... Smiley Very Happy

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@ShortyLugNut wrote:
It seems like the tsvs are from all the same vendors. Susan graver. Kim gravel. Denim and company. Lug…..

Boring boring boring...Need something new please!

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Rastelli is having another TSV tomorrow.  Seems those are happening every couple of weeks too.