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Is this correct that we are having ANOTHER My Pillow TSV on Sept 25? So soon??

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I HOPE SO!  I got the last set and am in love.  I would definitely pick up another set, so this is great news.

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I love " my pillow" ... I wiil be watching to see what they are offering .... Lately I have been going to the my pillow web site .... there is a large selection there.

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Good to know ! I thought that ,maybe , it was a mistake. I have been looking at them for a while, but didn't get one because i have not seen such great reviews.

Why do you guys recommend them? Go ahead, dazzle me!  Smiley Wink

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According to a blog I read (she posts all the upcoming TSVs and I think she gets them from the Insider Magazine), the TSV on Sept. 25 is a set of Lennox silver plated crystal ornaments.



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I purchased 2 in April and have liked them a lot.  No problems what so ever. Very comfy and I have neck issues and these pillows have not aggrevated my neck at all.   I purchased a medium and a firm.  I use the firm as a body pillow when I turn to my side.  I don't have a dryer for the fluffing....I just fluff them the old fashioned way!  Man Happy



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I love my My Pillow! I like the less firm versions and prefer the ones with the gussets. I have had a lot of neck issues for decades but I've been using these pillows for more than a year and I don't have nearly as much pain as I used to. And I find them very comfy as a side-sleeping pillow.
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Just ordered my set!! So glad they are offering another TSV!  These are absolutely the best pillows I have ever had.  No more flipping the pillow and trying to get comfortable.  Having had back surgery and still having back issues, prior to getting My Pillows, I had to hold onto the headboard multiple times a night to turn over and try to get comfy.  No more!  I sleep so much better!  


I highly recommend them and so do my dogs - they took over the medium one I got last time because I bought the medium/firm.  Getting both in firm this time.


@Lipstickdiva  - will you share the link to the blog you spoke about?  Thanks in advance!

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Does My Pillow come in a "soft" version?  I don't like firm OR medium pillows and like my pillows to be very soft.

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I ordered the TSV in April and purchased two "standard" My Pillows for $91.96. We like the pillows and have no complaints about the pillow.  I am frustrated that I paid more for the April TSV.   I should have waited and orderd  2 "premium" My Pillows and SAVED $17.06!   This is the problem with having two TSV so similiar within a 5 month time period......One frustrated customer who feels cheated.  It looks like the same pillows with different names, I can't figure out why one is premium and the other is standard.