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I purchased the Queen set for me. It arrived today Jan. 28th & was supposed to be here Feb. 15th. I had set up an appointment for cleaners to come to my house before it arrived. I am waiting on back surgery & it may be months away due to Covid. I'm glad it came before the cleaners got here! Instead of backing into our driveway they parked in the street. It's full of salt & sand. I guess anyone that lives in a cold state knows what I am talking about. I will write a review once I have slept on it for a few nights. In our area you have to make an appointment to even look at mattresses.Then they have to order what you want & I was told it could be months out. They do not have all models available either. I don't think they can even be sold as floor models. All due to Covid! I have found that picking out a mattress is diffucult bcause you really don't know until you sleep on it.