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I was looking forward to a great TSV today since the one's lately haven't been anything I wanted...then saw it was an umbrella. It is pretty but just another of many pop up umbrellas I have around the house or in the car. I'll pass and hope something better later.

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It's a set of 2 umbrellas, though.  

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Yep! Because we all are thinking about umbrellas smack dab in the middle of the summer aren't we?!?! ☀️👙🕶 


Maybe, this kind of umbrella... 🏖 ...



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I live in PA and we've had a wet Spring and Summer so far. An umbrella is appropriate and even needed here this year.

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Hey, at least it isn't a My Pillow or a Dyson!!!


That alone makes it a great day!


I'm sure there are some folks who live where they don't get much rain, but for the most of us, we can count on rain every week sometime and usually rain at least a few days in the average week.


I like these, and thinking about buying a set, one for me, and one for my mom. I love the things I can keep part and gift part. 

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It's a repeat TSV isn't it?  And the Clark's sandals from yesterday was a repeat TSV as well.  They must have a lot of inventory.

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@MollieEven though you're not impressed with QVC's choice, I want to thank you for starting the thread about the umbrellas!  I'd promised myself no new purchases for a while, but new umbrellas are actually on my "need to buy" list because I recently tossed two which were in such bad condition I was embarrassed to use them.  Better to get wet!  I may be the only one, but I'll be checking out that TSV.

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Actually, @Camogirl, we think about umbrellas a lot where I live...we've been getting thunderstorms nearly every afternoon for weeks! I have plenty of umbrellas, and don't need this TSV, but just because it's not raining where you are doesn't mean the rest of us are dry.

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This is not really a repeat TSV.  The last reverse umbrella was the long version, and it did not fold down or fit in a purse.  I have that one and still love it.  The TSV today is great for travel or carrying in a tote or handbag.  I'm getting today's as well, and I'll keep one in my office desk drawer.  


I live in the Mid-Atlantic and we get lots of rain.  I'll never go back to a regular umbrella.  These reverse ones are fantastic.

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Inspiring may not be the words I would use to describe the choice of having a set of umbrellas as a TSV, but it's a smart one.  Most people in the QVC viewing area of the United States live in areas where rain is part of the environment, if not daily at least a few times per month.  The thing is many people don't think about our umbrella supply until a nice outfit gets soaked trying to get by with the raggedy one in the back seat of the car (one more time), or there's no more fabric tied to the rods on the one we keep reaching for from the hall closet.  I would expect a lot of shoppers today will think about those things if they click into QVC and see these umbrellas being presented.  It's not the kind of presentation I would stick around to watch, but for sure would think that for $30, two umbrellas is a great deal.  A nice umbrella can be $20 at Marshalls and other discounters.  The better quality, wind-resistent umbrellas in regular price stores and gift shops here are upwards of $25.