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America and Beyond TSV

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It says imported.  It doesn't say it was made in India.  

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I have a few of their bags and they say made in India.

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Re: America and Beyond TSV

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I always wonder when a product's origin is just "imported."  Say who it is and let the chips fall where they may.

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@Peppu With the exception of food, the origin of an item is never a selling factor for me. If I like it, it's within my budget, I buy it. 

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Re: America and Beyond TSV

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I've noticed it, too. There seems to be a parade when something's made in Italy. Not just here but other places, too.

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Triple +++ standards.... Cat Mad

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AND we found out during the Pandemic that things made in Italy were actually made by China. So there goes that bragging on Made in Italy idea.
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They're very pretty but I really don't need anymore bags, totes, etc.