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I like all of the choices, and if I could, I'd order all of them.


They are works of art, imo.


At a reasonable price, for the amount of work.


Just try ordering all of the sequins, beads, fabric, handles, etc. and make one from scratch.  My gosh, it would take me years to complete. 

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I received mine today.  I ordered the teal and pink (Confetti Sprinkle).  It is very nice and so pretty.   I had a really hard time deciding on the color but I went with this one because it will match a lot of my summer wardrobe.   I like that this one is more the size of a traditional tote, rather than last year's which to me was more of an overnight bag size.  I would still like for the company to make this exact same style in an everyday purse size.  This one was packaged well, in an actual box, so that was nice too.  I also ordered the tote organizer in teal to match it, A605837.  It fits perfectly and I think it will fit in a lot of my other totes.  

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@Roni18 I am so glad you love your new bag, it is beautiful!  I can't wait to get my rose gold bag.  I didn't order the organizer, but I just may now.  I would also like this is a smaller size without the pom poms.  Every time  I carry a A&B bag I get so many compliments.  Enjoy your new bag!!

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I got the black one and can't believe how pretty this bag is. The bead work is impeccable.