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My Mom is needing a new tablet and so that is what I was going to get her for Christmas.
She has a Fire tablet and likes those so I wanted to go back with a Fire.

I have never purchased anything like this from QVC, so can anyone give me any advice? Have you purchased tablets from the Q or am I better off purchasing elsewhere?

Thanks so much!
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@Smc09.........If I were you I would check them out on Amazon instead.

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I love many things about Amazon but my tablet is not one of them.  My complaint is that they don't offer many apps that I want.  So keep doing your research and there are tons of reviews on Amazon and the internet.   Amazon probably has a guide on how to choose the right tablet. 

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Keep an eye on around black friday/cyber monday. Last year they had really good deals on the tablets.

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My fire was awesome when I first got it,but now its so slow. They just don't have enough RAM to run many apps at the same time.Plus, there are so many things preloaded that you can't uinstall. Just slows it down even more. 

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My biggest complaint is unable to delete numerous emails.  The older version was one step easy but the newer version does not offer it.  Also I agree that you cannot get as many apps.  Personally when this one goes I will not purchase another.

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I have purchased Amazon Fire tablets from either HSN or QVC (don’t remember which) and had no problems. I bought for grandkids and I did get the warranty (which wasn’t much). One of my grandkids screen cracked, had no problem in refunding my money. Just check prices because sometimes price is better at Amazon, sometimes not. I didn’t care about the “extra” vouchers so that wasn’t a consideration. The only thing is if you buy from Amazon, make sure that you mark it as a gift. If not, it will be registered to you under your Amazon account. It’s not a big deal to deregister from your account, just a little inconvenient. If an Amazon Fire is what your mother likes, then just make sure that you’re comparing the same models. 

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Re: Amazon Fire Tablet

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Almost every retailer will have a deal on the Fire tablet on Black Friday.  I think you can find a better deal than the Q elsewhere.


Also want to recommend another tablet - My daughter and parents have Samsung tablets which they really like.  Personally I like the Samsung much better than the Fire.  With the Fire I feel you get what you pay for - A really cheap product.

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I've had an IPad, an Amazon Fire tab and a Samsung S2 tablet.  I got a good deal on the Samsung 3 years ago Black Friday from Amazon.  I love it, much better than the IPad.  It has expandable memory capability which gives you as much memory as you'd ever use in one lifetime.  You buy an SD card in the size you want.  It has served me well and operates like new.

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I've bought all of my Fire Tablets directly from Amazon.  Just in case there's a problem, I know Amazon will make it right.


With Amazon you can get:


The latest version

Prior versions

Refurbished versions with the same warranty

Easy pay  (Amazon offers their version of easy pay on their pricier products, like tablets)

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