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Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I'm trying to decide between the two scents. I've never used either one. Can anyone give their opinion of which you prefer? Thank you!
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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I am trying to decide between these 2 as well. I know what Amazing Grace smells like and really like it. However, I have no idea what Baby Grace smells like and since it is QVC only, I have no where to go to sample it. 

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I had same problem this morning so since I have a little Amazing Grace left (which is my always go to) I'm going for baby grace, for I haven't had it in a while....wanted to get both but finances are iffy on doing it (but I have till midnightSmiley Happy) that would be ideal... Have Blessed day, good luck w/deciding....

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I've used both of these scents. Baby grace is very light and a clean scent with a hint of "something". Very nice for the summer. Amazing grace is very nice and light with a hint of floral but not flowery.  At least, that's how I describe it. I'm super sensitive to scents so I had to stop using most of my perfumes.  I will say that when Philosphy was sold they changed their formulas slightly. The scents are much lighter now so it all depends on what you want / expect it to do or last.  

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I'm hoping (foolishly, I'm sure) that since these are EDPs that they'll last a little longer.  Pure Grace is my summer "go to" and even though I've vowed to find something I like better that hasn't happened yet.  


I'm aware that none of these fragrances are meant to be "in your face and knock you over" I'm sure something can be done to make them last a little longer.

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

You can go on auto delivery and get the other next time.  I want to get baby Grace, BUT I have big bottles of amazing grace that were just opened.  Holding strong not to buy until they are empty.  😁

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

I find AG to be a soft floral, very feminine, and one that I wear when I am going somewhere special or a little dressy.  I wear BG, which is very soft and not a floral, when I am at home, going to the Y, or just running errands.  To me, BG is like a big hug.  I like both--liked them better before Coty.

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace



These are my 2 favorites. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I'm not good at describing scents but to me BG has a gardenia scent. With either fragrance I prefer the lotions, scrubs & 3 in 1 scents to the eau de perfume scent. 

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

Baby Grace is fresh with a touch of violets.....I like this at night only.

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Re: Amazing grace vs. baby grace

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@teacher20,    I think Baby Grace is horrible.  When I first heard the name I thought of baby powder but that is not the scent.  I personally would go for Amazing Grace which put Philosophy on the map.  It's light floral and people will ask what you are wearing.

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